The State of Texas is only accepting NTDS 2016 Data Dictionary data elements for all submissions.

** The optional data elements listed under the Texas are the 28 2016 TQIP Process Measures. Hospitals have the option of submitting these to the state of Texas.

National trauma data bank (NTDB)

national trauma data standard (NTDS) data dictionaries

State of texas

Texas Standardized trauma data dictionaries

2014 Texas is transitioning to the National Trauma Data Standard. The new 2014 Data Dictionary is a combination of the Texas Custom Questions and the National Trauma Data Standard for 2014. Trauma registrars can review the State of Texas trauma registry data dictionary web page by clicking on the button below. All questions regarding the State of Texas trauma registry data dictionary should be sent by email to

DaTA Dictionaries

Standardized trauma data

Data dictionaries create standardized data sets allowing Trauma Registry databases to share the key elements collected across the State of Texas and nationally. Here trauma registrars will find the most current up to date information regarding the State of Texas and National Trauma Data Bank trauma data standardizations as published by the State of Texas and the National Trauma Data Bank (NTDB).

Data Elements

2020National 2020
Texas 2016*
Texas Custom

Implement a hospital Dictionary

a custom trauma data standard for your hospital

The best place for trauma registrars to ensure data standardization is with the implementation of a hospital data dictionary / data standard. It is highly recommended a custom data dictionary follow the data entry flow of your trauma registry software. When building a dictionary make sure the National Trauma Data Standard and State of Texas EMS Trauma Registry Data Elements are included. We have provided you with the most current national and state data dictionaries to get started on bullding your own. Also make sure your dictionary includes data elements specific to designation / verification application, trauma performance improvement / trauma quality improvement program, and custom research if applicable for your trauma center.

    Texas Trauma Coordinators Forum's Trauma Registry Committee