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The following organizations have partnered to lend their support, time and dedication for Texas Trauma Registrars. These organizations are committed to data driven Trauma System in Texas.

Providing Texas Trauma Registrars with the tool, education, and resources needed to ensure and maintain the highest quality of data within trauma registries. Texas Trauma Registrars understand the importance of quality registry data and how data can impact Trauma Care.




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Data dictionaries create standardized data sets allowing Trauma Registry databases to share the key elements collected across the State of Texas and nationally. Here registrars will find the most current dictionaries along with legacy trauma data dictionaries issued by the State of Texas and National Trauma Data Bank.


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Providing educational offerings that build the knowledge of Trauma Registrars in Texas. Registrar continuing education is vital as trauma data impacts patient care, research, trauma systems, and the ability to improve patient care and quality outcomes. We provide quarterly Lunch N' Learn educational webinars for trauma registrars.

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